Some Images of “Modern Day” (ca.2010) Bisbee

I took these photos while in Bisbee doing research for my book. I spent the better part of 2005-2013 working on it.

The Copper Queen Hotel, which served as the telephone “command center” for the 1917 roundup and deportation.
Bisbee’s “Plaza,” where many of the deportees were gathered.
The aforementioned plaza on July 12, 1917.
The former headquarters of the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company, now the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. It was in the excellent research library here that the author gathered much of the information that went into “Law of Necessity.”
Loma Linda, the Walter Douglas mansion overlooking the town of Warren.
The Greenway House, former home of John and Isabella Greenway. The author and the owner at the time were taped on an episode of HGTV’s “If Walls Could Talk,” reenacting the discovery (with the author’s metal detector) of some valuable medals and other historical items found buried on the grounds.
The former headquarters of the Calumet & Arizona Mining Company, now Bisbee City Hall, in Warren.
The Warren Ball Park, where the “Wobblies” were detained prior to loading onto cattle cars.
The Old Bisbee Branch Jail building, now an apartment building.
The hospital where Harry Wheeler died of pneumonia in 1925.
Harry Wheeler’s grave in Evergreen Cemetery, Lowell, Arizona.

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James Rhodes was born in Riverside, California in 1960. He has written and illustrated numerous short stories, and illustrated "Master Your Migraine" for Ron Lange, published in 1996. Law of Necessity is his first novel and is the result of years of research. He currently lives in Prescott Valley, Arizona with his wife, Kathy.


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